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Come and join us!

Why work with us

Being part of RHO means being part of something bigger. It also means working hard and being rewarded for it. Because we love programming but we also love our lives in the real world.

What we can offer you

Travel without moving

Working at RHO means daily interactions with international clients. This allows an international experience, with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, from the comfort of Aveiro.

Sophisticated training

Organization and planning according to british work methods. We only use the most up-to-date tools in the market, insuring continuous learning and evolution.

Freedom to code

Our team is made of people with similar backgrounds. At RHO, career progression is possible without giving up the technical area and without sacrificing personal life.

All the same

We don’t believe in formalities nor in rigid, fixed, hierarchies. We pride ourselves of being a loosely structured company with a chilled, down to earth attitude. And plan to keep it that way.

Best. Location. Ever.

There is a name for the perfect match between software development talent and the coolest city to live in, and it’s called Aveiro. The medium size city, placed between Oporto and Lisbon, is known internationally as a staple in IT training and for being an attractivity pole for talents formed in its university, Universidade de Aveiro. This, mixed with an historical background and proximity to nature, makes Aveiro the ideal place to live and work.


Join our team. At Rho you can fing a job that perfectly suits your life.

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